Looking for Online Co-op Games

For the past several years, I’ve been living mostly in states away from my family and friends. I was hoping to see if the Grouvee community here could recommend me some fun co-op games that have online capabilities, so I could play them with my friends and family. :blush:

(More specifically, I’m hoping to get some ideas for games my partner and I could play together, as we both got jobs in separate states. :cry: Our tastes don’t exactly align together that often, so I’m a little stumped here. He likes Morrowind, Borderlands, Last of Us, and tabletop roleplaying games.)

Any comments with suggestions for what we could play together, or just awesome co-op games in general would be very welcome! C:

Incidentally, some co-op games I’ve played are Don’t Starve Together, Castle Crashers, and Awesomenauts.

Battleblock Theater and Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes are games I’ve been meaning to try out.

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Do you have specific platforms in mind?

My partner and I play a lot of local co-op so I might not have the best recommendations. However, have you tried Co-Optimus? Here’s a link to their index of online co-op games: Co-Optimus - Your Prime Source for Co-Op Gaming- Co-Op Videogame Database

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PC games, preferably playable without a mouse or controller (because he’s a scrub :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Did not know there was a resource for co-op games, thank you! How do you even find all these sites??
And speaking of local co-op, have you tried Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime yet? It’s fun, but rather challenging (or my cousin and I are just really bad at it lol).

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We played a bit of Lovers and enjoyed it. Have been meaning to get back to it. My partner and I are always on the lookout for good co-op games. That’s how I found Co-Optimus. I was looking for local co-opge recommendations. Although we spend a portion of the year in different cities we tend to only play local co-op when in the same place. So I’m a little light on online co-op ideas.

Have you played Starwhal? It’s kind of absurd but a lot of fun. Same goes for Stikbold!, another good but odd co-op game.

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I’ve gotten several hours of fun out of GTA Online. Even if you don’t like the violence, it’s super fun just to goof around with vehicles.

Aside from that, some other good PC co-op games I’ve played recently are Streets of Rogue (mix of open-world and roguelike elements) and Terraria. Use Your Words is also a really good party game, but you’ll need to use screen-share since it’s controlled via smartphones. Stardew Valley is also supposed to add online co-op at some point.

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Divinity Original Sin is a fun co-op rpg, you might like it. Two player co-op and both can have choices in dialogue options. Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition on Steam

Also if you didn’t know, Morrowind has OpenMW mod that let’s you play Morrowind co-op: TES3MP Subreddit It’s not completely done yet but it should be playable.

If you don’t mind MMO’s, Elder Scrolls Online is pretty fun and you can group up and explore the world together. Sometimes you can get it from sale for like 10 euros. It doesn’t require subscriptions anymore either.


Hope you enjoys Lovers when you get a chance to go back to it! My cousin and I have only managed to clear the first world so far.

Can’t believe I’ve never heard of Starwhal before, but it seems like a really fun party game. I’ll keep it in mind - it’s the perfect kind of zany fun my friends would enjoy.

@AlexGarbus 've never been interested in GTA until I saw someone play 5’s multiplayer with friends, and it looked incredibly fun to derp around and blow things up. I’m actually tempted to pick it up at some point (if it goes sale).

I love Stardew Valley (really looking forward to co op mode!), but unfortunately, it’s not his type of game. He calls it “Stardoom” to tease me. :C

@akselmo Oh, man, Divinity seems like a great idea! Looks like it’s right up his alley, so thank you. I think this is the most promising one so far :blush:

wow thanks. that is indeed a great reccomendation… I didnt know that was co-op campagin! I had always wanted to play Neverwinter Nights at a Lan party but it never happened.(I’m not sure if my comparison is even valid) A co-op mode of Pillars of eternity was also something I had been hoping for, but that game doesnt feature it.

Anyone else know of games in this vein like Divinity / Neverwinter Nights ? I’d be interested too!

Castle Crasher 1-4 player coop game

It all depends on how long you are looking forward into spending and your personal taste.

Some Co-op games that I could suggest for you:

  • Borderlands series;
  • Saints Row: The Third;
  • Saints Row: IV
  • Far Cry 3;
  • Far Cry 4;
  • Portal / Portal 2;
  • The Lord of the Rings: War in the North
  • Trine series;
  • Left 4 Dead / Left 4 Dead 2;
  • Castle Crashers;
  • Resident Evil 5;
  • Diablo III;
  • Dying Light;
  • Torchlight series;
  • F.3.A.R.;
  • Dead Island: Riptide;
  • Splinter Cell: Conviction;
  • Army of Two.

Hope it helped.

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