List of videogames developed in Europe (ongoing)

Here is a “little” project I’ve been working on and the list will keep growing with every game release.
The reason I made this list is simply because I’m a “Europhile”.
If there are any games missing, then feel free to mention them to me

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Hi, this sounds like a lot of work!
what about the total war franchise or the settlers franchise?

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Thank you! The Total War and Settlers games have now been added to the list.
Check the last page(s) to see them. Thanks for contributing!

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2019 Games from Poland you don’t have:

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And some more:

& first game

Games from Amanita Design, Czech developer:

Some French games:

And UK:



Thank you. All the games mentioned, that are registered at IMDB, have been added to the list
(excluding browser and educational games)

Updating you to let you know that a Steam version of this list has now been created, which also includes more games that were not possible to add to the IMDB version. To see the list, check the list of “Associated Games” on the right side of the screen when you get to the webpage

I’m refreshing this thread because the list is ongoing and dynamic because, needless to say;
it grows for every new release. Help is welcomed

Sometimes the info on IMDB is wrong!

You can add “Unruly Heroes” because it’s French game (not USA).

“SteamWorld Dig 2” is from Sweden not USA. Fortunately first game (made by the very same guys) has correct country.

“Alt-Frequencies” is French game but IMDB says : “Germany | USA | France”. Nice order.

If you find any of my entries incorrect write it here. :cat:

And sorry for not checking before which titles are at IMDB site - I didn’t know it misses a lot of games . This time i confirmed my list with database.

British games:


Danish game



Czech Republic