Light No Fire

While I try very hard to keep my excitement in check in regards to game releases, I am very much looking forward to this! I’m much more a fantasy bloke and scifi, so this is right up my alley.

The trailer looks very impressive, and the idea of having a whole world to explore seamlessly is very intriguing. It’s clearly built on the next iteration of the No Man’s Sky engine. I’m hoping Hello will take the lessons they learned with NMS and apply it to this. Given how good NMS is now, if they have this could be an amazing game.

Here’s an interesting video summarising what is known about the game thus far, and what we might be able to expect.


I’m really excited for it as well. I actually liked No Man’s Sky quite a bit for what it was when it launched, and over time it’s gotten so much better and feature-packed. It makes total sense to reuse that engine, after all the years worth of work they’ve put into it. I am a little wary of them making huge promises about the game again after what happened with NMS, but it seems they’re much better equipped to deliver on it now.


I’m a little worried about that, too, but given how they have handled NMS since then I feel rather confident that they learnt their lesson. Hopefully they’ll wait to release it until it’s polished this time.


The trailer for this game has me very excited !!


I’ve always been more of a fan of space settings for games like this, because when you think about it a lot of planets are unique and differs greatly from our own, and because there are probably loads we don’t even know exist yet, and I think that works better for Multiplayer/procedurally generated games than a big fantasy land, but they have my interest.

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I understand what you mean, but it’s fantasy so the areas of the world can be…fantastical. :laughing:

That said, it’s not so much the stories/ locations but rather the aesthetic I prefer. Space stuff is cool, but can feel a bit clinical at times. I enjoy the earthly grittiness of fantasy (well, most fantasy). Honestly though, I do love both genres. I’m a huge Doctor Who fan and really enjoyed the newer Battlestar Galactica. Ironically I find Star Wars incredibly boring, which has quite a lot of fantasy in it.


Damn, I want to play this! At the 30 minute mark the player has a staff, so I’m down for things like magic casting in combat.