Library Requests

I put in a request for Pokémon TCG 2 and Killbug. Would the powers that be disapprove of requesting an upcoming fan game and/or rom hacks?

I don’t believe rom hacks are added, but that’s a question @BMO or @peter could answer. (also, am I able to approve games, y’all?)

I’m not opposed to including rom hacks, because I think they constitute games in their own right, built from existing games. I don’t thin we have history of including them in the database because it would be a large undertaking to start adding them systematically. But that doesn’t mean we couldn’t include them piecemeal. Ultimately though, I defer to @peter.

Regarding approvals, I’ll send you a PM on that.

Hmm adding rom hacks would be interesting because IGDB already includes mods in games you can add to there site.

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