Let others see the platform next to each game in my list for bragging rights

Resident Evil on Sega Saturn is not the same as Resident Evil on PS3 :wink: more braggability, more fun

yea. I Tag games i list on prospective wishlist as well as played with their respective platforms. I also sometimes do this through the release data (if its a non english localization for snes for instance) but this is only visible to user only.

I understand that’s not what you are specifically after but I feel it’s worth a mention since not all users do it (and imo they prolly should if they plan on sticking around lol)

You can add specific platform releases to your list by visiting the release page for any game. For Reaident Evil visit Resident Evil (video game) releases | Grouvee and add the Saturn release to your list. It will display that specific release for others to see.