Large Database Update

Just FYI, I’m running a really large database update right now. I’ll update here when it’s done. Sorry for the short/no notice. I thought it would run a little quicker, but you guys have a lot of games on your shelves!


We are such scamps!

Thanks for all the work, peter :smiley:


I am so sorry that took so long, but we are back up and rolling now.


Hi Peter, it’s still not loading for me. All I see is this.

Hmm. Anyway you can post a screenshot of the developer tools network tab and console? It seems to be mostly working.

Don’t worry. Is working ok now :grin:

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always doing my best to keep you busy! :smile:

btw i keep thinking on how that default 'when adding to shelf also add to platform X (if platform X is only platform that exists) its one nice convenient change i saw somewhere along the way. just thought i’d say something.

Haha. I forgot I did that at some point. Glad it seems to be working!