Kirais’s Grouvee Challenge 2023

Happy new year everyone! It’s 2023 now and this year I want to start try to tackle the Grouvee challenge for the first time. I can’t find an more updated instructions so I will use the 2021 version: 2021 Grouvee Challenge How-To Instructions

Here we go!


I bought a PS5 last year and before that I was strictly a Nintendo console player so I have a lot to catch up! The new PS Plus subscription plan is great for that so I’ll try to play to tackle this challenge mostly using PS Plus Extra and Premium game library.


Hello Kirais!

I like this idea very much, to help me play games from my backlog and help which ones to choose.

I will first try to get all my games into my account so I actually know what I own, since I lost oversight :sweat_smile: some time ago and after that I plan to start in Febuary with this challenge too.

I wish you a ot of fun catching up on PS games and success with your challenge!



Thanks :slight_smile: Having this definitely helps with tackling the backlog or a subscription because there are really too many games to choose from and I spend way too much time deciding on which games to play instead of playing :sweat_smile: Hope you have fun tackling the challenge as well.

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I started reading the rules and uh didn’t finish the rules. Long and short of this is I am trying to fill out as much of the excel doc as possible?

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More or less. One important thing to note is that the topics are grouped and the goal is to tackle as many “groups” as possible. The explanation written on the far right of the spreadsheet explains it pretty well I think.

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