Juicetown's Quest to complete 200 Games

My goal is to complete and log 200 games, After every completion i will put up a small review and my experience playing through the game. Any Suggestions for games? i’m also looking for some gaming friends :smiley:

Sounds like my kind of goal. Is it 200 games on any system?

Do you have any particular genres you like or hate?

You could do the first 200 of the top 250 games on grouvee.

I am also doing this.

Also, what counts as completing? Beating the main storyline? Getting all achievements/trophies? Something in between?

I own most Consoles and handhelds, And completing as in all side stuff and main story, 100%. maybe not hardest difficulty for some games though

That’s a great idea :smiley: ill probably do most of those

I can get into most games. It’s rare that i find a game i don’t somewhat enjoy

1.Alien Rage, My first Completed game. On the PS3, a very simple arcade feeling FPS. Story was not there at all, just kill the aliens. Sometimes explosions and bullets will magically go through walls and hit you :confused: which made some segments unnecessarily hard. The characters were not very likable (There’s only 3 characters anyways) I Picked it up on a flash sale for 3 Bucks. it was worth the 3 bucks, not much more. It was fun for the first 5 levels but shooting your way against the same 3 enemies in the same exact looking environments for 14 Levels can get Tedious. But in all fairness it did feel like a Simple arcade FPS. 45/100 Score from me. ( I completed This on Challenging difficulty and found all Audio Logs)

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My first suggestion for you (and everyone) would be the cult game Beyond Good and Evil. It’s a short, fun and innovative game with great writing.

Hmm, now that I think of it, could one of the mods tell me (and Juicetown) how to make those cool links to a game’s database entry in a forum post?

Not a mod, but you should just be able to go to the game’s page and copy and paste the url in your forum post.

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2.Beyond Good & Evil HD (PS3) Already ahead of you guys. started it yesterday just completed it xD fiance bought it the other day. Amazing but sadly short game. Fantastic story and characters and a great world i wanted to spend more time in. the combat is great and theres not much wrong with this game at all. i got 11/12 trophies. Got all pearls and Photos and Hearts. 85/100. hopefully we will get a sequel someday

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You just need to put the URL on its own line in a forum post and it will automatically make the cool box for the game.

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Thanks, @peter. Let’s test this.

If you have a Gamecube, @juicetown, I have a couple more suggestions.

Both of these games continue the vein of “They desperately cry out for a sequel.”

i bought skies a couple years ago for $90 but for some reason i have not gotten around to playing it yet for some reason :o i currently playing God of war: ascension. after that i’m going to play MySims Agents. then ill do skies :smiley: and i don’t own Eternal darkness. is it survival horror? I love survival horror. which reminds me…I need to play Evil within still. bought it, havnt played it

I’ll try to steer clear of obvious suggestions like Super Mario World, Ocarina of Time, or Resident Evil 4. Off the top of my head, these are 4 great games that need way more attention.

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out of those i’ve played Ni No Kuni. Next time i have spare money ill probably grab the other 3.

Ooooh, I keep hearing so much good things about Eternal Darkness, I must play this game! I’m a very devout worshipper of The Great old ones. Ph’nglui mglw’nafh R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn.

@juicetown - If you haven’t played it already I would highly recommend ICO for PS2/PS3. It is certainly the finest game I have played in the last couple years, beautiful storytelling and a rich mysterious atmosphere and land, filled with wonders, puzzles and innovative gameplay.

Hi people :smiley: i havnt been on for a while because of Simple life stuff. just got married :smiley: anyways. right now im working on Evil Within. just started AKUMU Difficulty which is 1 hit instant death mode. Challenging as all hell

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200… Why didn’t I just stick to 200…

In any case good luck, and just try to have fun with it! I’ll keep an eye out for your reviews.