Jevnation's 2021 Challenge Post

Well, here we go again!

Last year ended with a bit of crunch on different games, so I’m starting on a chill note and clear through games on my own accord for now. Due to studies and possible job hopping during Q1, you won’t see me post as frequently like I did previously. But they’ll come…!

Happy gaming 2021, our transitional year!

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  • G7: The Title Contains - Name of character / Place
    Detective Jackie - Mystic Case - Grouvee review here

  • G7: The Title Contains - Number
    Half-Life: Absolute Zero (mod) - An attempt at recreating Half-Life before it became as we knew it; an early beta. A group of devs used various sources and familiar resources to give make the experience as close as it was in its early years, back before Valve decided to polish it further. As a Half-Life fan, I find it interesting how different the models were on the grittier side, the levels were either simplistic or too spacy for a tight gameplay. Even the enemies cut from the original release were implemented and provide new challenges by maneuvering or toxic treatment. Otherwise, the plot is just as minimalistic and similar as it was in the original. Alas, since this mod project bumped into too many adversities, regarding coding and staff issues, Absolute Zero was finally put to rest unfinished. As long as this mod is available for download, this rough mod serves as a true fan service in opposite direction to the remake Black Mesa.

  • G5: The Seven Basic Plots - …And there’s no plot
    Idle Slayer - Idle/clickers is nothing I’m a fan of but developers find ways to add new touches to the gameplay core. Since Idle Slayer has platformer elements, I was curious enough to see what it’s got to offer. Surprisingly enough, I have spent over 33 hours into this game but it’s easy enough when it allows me to play while listening to Youtube or podcasts.
    You’ll have your character running in an infinite level, earning gold by slaying monsters and picking up coins. How much you earn is decided by the equipments and upgrades you purchase, which will affect your constant income by coins per second. What freshens up the gameplay for me was the ascension feature, which resets your coins and converts the slayer points to a currency for permanent unlockables, upgrades and improved income.
    It was fun while it lasted, until I realized that I hit a plateau passing through the nonillion gold territory. Mostly for the lack of equipment that were mostly unlocked through treasury amount, because it takes repetition to get a sense of real progress being made. Since I’ve unlocked most of achievements at this point, I’m pleased enough to let this go after the said amount of hours because… Why go on?
    In the end, it’s more about the numbers than the features apply, and I’ve yet to be proven wrong on games of this genre.

  • G4: Video Games Vs Other Media - Game With A Lot Of Easter Eggs
    Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King - Grouvee review here

  • G5: The Mechanic - Set Collecting
    Dude, Stop - Grouvee review here

  • G4: Video Games Vs Other Media - Game With A Phone Motif (If you read my review, you’d understand my peculiar reason for the category choice :upside_down_face:)
    Music Racer - Grouvee review here

  • G4: Video Games Vs Other Media - Game Based on mythology or legend
    Thea: The Awakening - After coming back to this for a second try on gameplay, I am saddened to say that I had to finally give Thea: The Awakening a pass on my backlog. I haven’t really come around to organize the balance between resource gathering, exploring and managing the parties because it can get particularly blurry on the former and the latter. Of course, micro-management is bound to have a long learning curve and though it may start easily with a tutorial in place, making some form of progress is too slow for my liking. The battles in form of card games are all dependent on the party’s stats and equipment, though the random turn orders can make or break the ideal outcomes.
    The sum of it all is unfortunate, because there is a neat world building and lore based on the Slavic mythology, as well as the micro-management on a scale of a handful of people could have made a fresh gameplay experience. I will leave this as a form of commentary instead of review, as I feel it might appeal to the more dedicated 4X strategy fans and newcomers would know better to read the game description and actual reviews. Still, I’ll check out the demo of Thea 2 and see if the changes are for the better.

  • G5: The Seven Basic Plots - The Quest
    Evilquest - Grouvee review here

  • G2: Skills or things we want to possess in real life
    The Uncertain: Last Quiet Day - Grouvee review here

  • G4: Video Games vs Other Media :jeff_btg:
    Break the G̵amè̢̢͘ - Grouvee review here

  • G2: Skills & Things We Want… - Powerful Vehicle :Blaster_Master_Zero_Jason:
    Blaster Master Zero - Grouvee review here

  • G2: Skills & Things We Want… - The Familiar or Mecha or Dragon :mind_cog:
    Into The Breach - The brains behind the addictive game FTL has delivered another reinvention to the tactical strategy genre. I command a squad of battle mechs sent back in time to save a group of civilized islands from alien bug race called Vek. Into The Breach puts more emphasis on the tactical side of battles, while keeping them bite-sized for quick sessions during the campaign. The RPG elements add to the squad customization along with additional utilities that decide the outcome of the missions, with the power core functions allowing me to adapt and re-adapt the assets for each squad member. The varieties of the squad and utility setup makes for the replay value, though I won’t see myself coming back after the first playthrough because I feel satisfied with just that. Worth to try out and see how you roll with this niched, tactical game.

A simple question for curious readers: Normally I post shorter reviews in Grouvee as status only and copy them right here, while longer reviews are linked here. Would you prefer that I post longer reviews here, too? :upside_down_face:
Happy gaming!

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This seems like a good way to do it to me.

I really need to get to updating my challenge sheet!

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Thanks for your response, @peter! Keeping it brief and open for expansion is the way to go, for now. And good luck with your challenge sheet! It’s motivating to have peers updating and looking to each other’s challenges.

G2: Skills & Things We Want… - Magic Satchel :cs_sword:
Might and Magic X Legacy (UPlay) - Grouvee review

G5: The Mechanic :Crowned:
Might and Magic: Heroes VI - Grouvee review

G5: The Seven Basic Plots - Overcoming the Monster :lh_lich:
Loop Hero - Grouvee review

Breezing through my backlog lately… huh! Guess I’ve convinced myself to weigh my time more based on games worthiness. This time, it’s GOG-themed.

G7: The Title Contains - Dumb or Nonsensical
Teenagent - Grouvee review

G2: Skills & Things We Want… - Beauty and Charisma
Lure Of The Temptress - Grouvee review

G5: Seven Basic Plots - Voyage and Return
Treasure Adventure Game - Grouvee review

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G5: The Seven Basic Plots - Comedy :coffeetime:
3 Out Of 10: Season One - Grouvee review

G5: The Seven Basic Plots - Tragedy :s_smile2:
Seen - Grouvee review

G2: Skills & Things We Want… - Invisibility or Shapeshifting :mantis_logo:
The Fall - The Fall was given out for free on Epic Games. Pretty short adventure platformer, cleared in 2.5 hours. You play as an AI-driven exosuit for a human, who lost consciousness during a crash landing at a strange robot facility. While you search for a place to treat your user’s wounds, you come upon different robots who will aid or attempt to destroy you on your path. I’m not particularly engaged by the story but some twists were well-done, even touching upon what it takes for an AI to break the protocols programmed in you. The controls can get clunky during navigation and during crucial fights, which doesn’t bring down the experience too much. It’s lauded by reviews overall, so I might be in the minority here.

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G7: The Title Contains - Signs :rage_dyl:
Cave Story+ - Otherworldly

G6: The Soundtrack - Classical or Jazz :vrwitness:
Agent A: A Puzzle In Disguise - Like a first spy test

G4: Mother Earth :fishbones:
Dead In Bermuda - My interest survived only for a while

G5: The Seven Basic Plots - Rags to Riches
Blood Knot - This side-scrolling RPG caught my attention due to its setting based on 19th century Brazil. The story focuses on a young woman and her father, a drover, who returns after a long absence. They both set out to find a treasure related to trailblazers while being chased by his former comrades.

Now, I would have intended to finish it, if it weren’t for the glaring UI issues. An hour into the game and I came to the part where the text from the item menu vanishes during a critical combat, which gives me trouble to see what the heck I’m using. Having such difficulties in overcoming the obstacle, I’ll pass it off my backlog until the day comes when a solution is provided by the devs or the community, if there is any sign of the sorts. And that’s unfortunate for this game, because its graphics remind me of the classic illustrations depicting South American locations and people. I can’t recommend it for the time being.

G6: The Mechanic - Exploding Barrels or Double-Jumps
Fairy Bloom Freesia - I know kung fae

G6: The Mechanic - Nonlinear gameplay / Choices Matter
Stories: The Path of Destinies - The plot is there but expect repetition in other parts

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