Jess' 2019 Challenge Post

Here is my spreadsheet!

I’m still deciding exactly which mode I’m going to do. Right now I’m just filling in ideas for which games to play for what.

Feel free to leave any game recommendations!

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Finally finished filling in my spreadsheet, that only took me forever. :sweat_smile:

Also made a shelf for all the games -


So I played Halcyon 6, and it was more complicated than I was expecting, so I ditched it. :sweat_smile: What can I say, I have the attention span of a gnat, I need more hand holding than they provided. :rofl:

Played and finished Leaving Lyndow. It was alright, very short. Takes place in the same world as Eastshade, so I figured I should play it before diving into that.

Been playing Farm Together and I’m totally obsessed. Pretty sure this is one of those games that doesn’t have an ending, so at this point I’ve probably fulfilled the requirements to mark it as done for the challenge. However, I’m going to keep playing it, because I need all the animals.

Started playing Pikuniku, but then I booted up Farm Together, so will have to get back to that later.:laughing:


Still playing Farm Together.

BUT, I did finish Pikuniku. It was okay, reminded me of Wuppo. But much shorter and linear. It was cute though. My favorite part was definitely Ernie.

I tried Mars 2030, was meh. Is supposed to be like Oregon Trail, but I wasn’t really feeling it.

I started Eastshade, it really is just an extension of Leaving Lyndow, so I highly suggest playing that before buying it. I haven’t decided if I like Eastshade yet.

I also started playing The Stillness of the Wind. It is… a very different kind of game. It’s slow and monotonous, but that’s sort of the point.