Issues exporting collection to csv

in the last few days I tried to export my collection via the ‘Export your collection to a CSV file’ function a couple of times. After clicking the button, the text updates, telling me that I will receive a mail with a download link, which never seems to arrive.

The export worked fine in the past and the email doesn’t seem to be blocked by common issues like spam filter or issues with the mailbox. Are there new requirements for the export or a longer waiting period or something now?

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I’ll look into this. I had changed it a few months ago where it puts a time stamp on the file name so I didn’t get cache issues and keep sending the same file over and over. I wonder if I screwed something up there I didn’t realize.

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When did you try doing it btw? I had some issues where the hard drive had filled up on the servers, and background task stuff wasn’t working. I just tried running mine, and it worked fine.

A few times over the last couple of days. In hindsight I should have noted down the last few times for troubleshooting reasons, sorry about that.
I started a new export just a moment prior to writing this message, and will report back in a few hours to see if anything happened.

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I just dug through the logs. There’s an error being thrown because one of the games on your shelf has a blank date and it’s messing something up. I’ll get it fixed and let you know.

Now I kind of feel like having to apologize for breaking the backend :smiley:

Thanks a lot for looking into this!

No apologies needed!

I think I fixed it. I ran a manual export from the server, and it should have emailed you. Let me know if it didn’t!

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Yup, I got it a couple minutes ago. Thanks again for looking into it in a matter of hours!

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