Issue with bombcast sync?

I noticed that entry on giantbomb forums there’s a completely different release for Pillars of eternity

And it’s been not updating for 3 days already. Is it due to some changes to grouvee forums ? and the sync between Giantbomb API and grouvee is postopned ? Or is is this specific entry ?

I just looked at it. I’m not sure what you’re seeing that’s different. I see 3 releases on Giant Bomb, and I see the same 3 releases on the Grouvee releases page. Am I missing something?

The 3rd release has different info and title “Pillars of Eternity: Definitive Edition” on bombast, and only “Pillars of Eternity” on grouvee

I guess release edits on giantbomb don’t trigger a date change on the parent game. What my update script does every 8 hours is ask for every game that has changed in the last 3 days. It does this by checking a last edited field that giantbomb provides. I’m guessing that date doesn’t get updated if only release data is updated. I’ll have to look at it more.