[Issue] Wishlist acts like a Collection Shelf

Even though my Wish List isn’t marked as a Collection Shelf, and the default behaviour is “Grouvee would not automatically fill in the date added to collection field for you.”, adding a game to my wishlist automatically fills in a Collection Date, and adds a platform (without asking). Not sure how or why it chooses the platform it adds.

I don’t know when this started happening, but now I have wishlist items with dates and platforms that I don’t own. If I move a game from the wishlist to a shelf, I have to manually edit the date collected, if I notice. Otherwise the Date Added to Collection is incorrect because it keeps the date it was added to the wishlist.

It’s also not very convenient to remove because there is no option under “Your Platforms” to search for “Any Platform Specified”, or a way to search “Date Added to Collection”. I’d have to add every single platform for a search and individually check the “Edit Data” button to see if there’s a “Date Added to Collection” date entered.

Would appreciate this being looked into :slight_smile:


Can you give me an example with the date issue? I’ve tried to replicate the issue, and can’t seem to do it. I need to rework some of the labeling on the shelves probably, but just to make sure, you’re not confusing date added to shelf with date added to collection? The only thing I can think is if you ever add a game to a “collection shelf” that game will have that date filled in for the date added to collection forever unless you edit it.

As for the platform, it only autopopulates that when there’s only one choice for a platform. I don’t know if that should be an option in settings or not, but I changed that a while ago.

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I totally forgot that there’s a shelf & collection date, although it wasn’t part of the issue. I must have accidentally added games to a collection shelf and didn’t know that I had to manually edit the date. I’ve been taking it off my wishlist and thought that should have removed the date. My mistake, sorry. The game auto-populating the platform does indeed have only one console.

Now I just have to look for any games with Collection Dates that shouldn’t exist because I accidentally added them to a Collection Shelf first.

Thank you for taking the time to respond ^ _ ^ .

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Sounds like this would be a good idea.