Is there a way to exclude tags in the filter?

I’m trying to add games from my childhood so I want to limit it to only stuff that I want. I finished up with Playstation and Xbox games but now the PC games are a big hassle. Mostly because the games are also on the said consoles so I’ll see repeats a lot. I can’t go through 500+ pages with two-thirds of them being duplicates. Is there a way that I can exclude the games that are also released on console?

There’s not really a way to do that. I need to do something about that. I’d almost have to make a separate box for exclusions. I will add it to my list!

I’m so glad to hear a feedback from you. I just discovered this website and immediately knew it’s the right one for me. Please, I’ll patiently wait for your update

Another request would also be dark mode for the site, if it’s not too much to ask :grin:

We do have a dark mode, although it’s for gold members only. I’m not promising anything, but I’m thinking about making it available to everyone and putting some different features behind the gold membership status later. The whole point of gold is to let people support the site that can, and I wanted to give them a little something at least.

I’m glad you like the site!

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Welcome to Grouvee. I am not sure but I think I understand your issue. I think you are saying when you browse a shelf you get hits from all the other shelves you’ve added a game to (played for example) This means that if you mark a game page as being ‘played’ on several platforms, it can cause troubles down the road. I think you are experiencing this. I guess this can cause a few issues, I mentioned this a while back because I found that I was scratching my head wondering why grouvee was saying I had added games to certain shelves that I knew I had played. Answer: I was backlogging/skipping/abandoning other versions (inferior ports of Doom for example, which i have as both PC and SNES shelf)

I think i’ve come up with a workaround maybe. Here is how I try to log games (i often forget, so i’m not consistent 100%) and it doesn’t fix this problem completely but I think it helps anyway and I didnt know you could do it at first. It would be good I think if more new users new you could do this and how it helps. I’ll try and give a demo.

So, let’s say I’ve played a game on Playstation, but want to play it on something else (Wishlist).

Technically I did not finish THPS for playstation. its a very hard game and I’ve put it on a custom shelf called Abandoned. Since a game has one page for all it’s platforms i would type it in and then First thing I do is I add it to a list. So here I have added it to Abandoned Then I click edit platform details to associate the game with Playstation. (as shown in lower red circle) Nex thing I do is I would click 'releases’ and tick the appropriate releases (top red circle)

Now this releases section here is the thing many people don’t do. I am not always consistent with it myself. But, you can target specific releases. It’s usually not necessary and you can just use ‘edit platform’ Played > PC and be done. But lets say you want to play a Japanese version of an old NES game or something. Or you want to target a special box set, or compilation of something to Purchase. It can be helpful and you can flag these kinds of things by doing it. But in addition to these special circumstances it also provides a work around to keeping your lists cleaner (if you choose to do so) Let’s say I have a bunch of versions of the game that some are played some are backlogged some are wishlisted, etc.

With THPS, Since I didnt actually beat the game, (and it’s a great game) I might want to go back to it. Well, the dreamcast version is superior so maybe I want to wishlist it.

So NOW you see what I’ve done? Grouvee (and myself) has a way of knowing which releases are on which shelf/list. This is what makes it say “You have this game on the following shelves: Skipped (2 releases, Abandoned (1 Release)” I’ve also marked the specific releases tied to the platform (Playstation). This way I can mark certain releases in other states (such as abandoned, skipped etc.) but I flag a particular release, the one that I want to stand out. Playstation. The one I played or want to play or w/e. In this case I might mark the playstation platform tag and the dreamcast tag (but haven’t done that yet.) to make it show up in those places.

Now, if you do this with all your games. (it sucks i know haha) it will change the way your games show up when browsing shelves. This is what my 'my games will look like when i either go through whatever shelves i put tony hawk on, or i just search for tony hawk or browse my shelves that i’ve added it to.

When you mark the platform tags and you go to your list view you can say ‘platform on this shelf’ so i will only see this game show up if i am looking at playstation games, for example.

Note: This doesn’t actually fix the problem. I will STILL get the duplicates you describe, (if i’m browsing my played list, or my skipped list for example) but when I see that it is marked “playstation” i can quickly tell whats going on. I can also hit the “+” to see the other releases i’ve gone through to tag to help me understand which shelf is which, but I find just a glance at the main page for the game is sufficient enough when i see “5 skipped, 2 abandoned 1 played, 1 owned, etc.”

Viewing shelves this way is still not optimal. Because I wont see the Dreamcast version show up in my wishlist (when browsing Dreamcast titles i’ve wishlisted by using ‘platform on this shelf’) unless i both mark the playstation or dreamcast platforms through ‘edit platform.’ But i find it helpful to mark a main releases/platforms this way and then go through the release data route.

Maybe in the future we’ll have filters that can smartly see what you’ve skipped or display it. But I find this works really well for me and I had to do it this way after logging about 2K+ games. IMO its best to do it this way before you start adding stuff to shelves and clicking “edit platform” for everything. After about ~1K games you’ll either leave the site or go back and undo it all!

Also if anyone has thoughts or a better solution i’d love to hear. This method I use is 0.95 Beta but it seems to work!

Update: So I was going through some of my arcade titles (which have tons of ports obviously) and doing what i said here as i was cleaning up a bit and i noticed something with testing i hadnt noticed. this method of tagging releases and excluding platforms ONLY WORKS WITH CUSTOM SHELVES. that means if you add it to a wishlist its going to be automatically assigned to that platform. That’s not really a problem but its worth knowing. you can however tag abandoned and skipped without them popping up (which is pretty important for the principle i outlined) so if you dont want this you have to do it in a certain order: Wishlist the release, go back to the main page, remove from platform (and then go back to the release page to check to see it’s marked.) now you can mark a single release and have a secondary way of keeping track of everything. And as you play these games you can list them to the platforms you play them on as you go.

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