Is it possible to ask to add a game in here?

If yes, it would be nice if you could add Toaru Kagaku no Chou Denjihou released on PSP in 2011/12/08.


You can add it yourself, but it usually takes a long time for a game approved.

I personally use VNDB to track de VN I play since they have a bigger database of the stuff. But it’s up to you.

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Thanks for your replay. As long as I can add the games missing I don’t mind to wait! Also I’d rather use one website for tracking all my games but thank you for the suggestion.

I added the game but I made a mistake. Toaru Kagaku no Chou Denjihou (2011) | Grouvee

I think I should have named it Toaru Kagaku no Railgun instead of Toaru Kagaku no Chou Denjihou, which is the other name for the same manga) like this -> Toaru Majutsu no Index (2011) | Grouvee

Is there a way to fix it ? :pensive:

Sorry for taking my time, I don’t think you can change it once you send it. You can always send request another entry of the same name and let the admin choose one themselves. I think it’s fine as is.

Other option is to wait for this new entry to get approved and then messaging @peter about the name-change, he’s the one in control

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I fixed the name in there to no Railgun for you and added an alias for it. Once it’s fully approved (which I’ll go in and do real quick and probably make people mad for skipping lines), you’ll be able to search for it under both names. Normally the games do take a while to get approved because there’s only a couple of us that can do it, and if I get a free minute, I normally try and code stuff. You can still use the games on your shelves as you’ve probably figured out though, so that’s kind of my compromise for taking so long :slight_smile:


Sorry for the late reply, I didn’t receive any notification.

It just has been approved, thank you @Arkalliant and @peter ! Now I know all the steps at least.

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