iOS vs iPhone/iPad as a system category

I have been wondering, what was behind your decision to label iOS games by device rather than operating system. I have noticed that for most iOS games I can select both iPhone and iPad. Given they both run the same OS, is that not effectively a duplicate category? Would it not make more sense to group both under iOS?

The data comes from Giant Bomb, so we don’t have control over the initial data anyway.

However, there are plenty of games, or at least there were, that were only available on the iPhone or the iPad. I haven’t looked in a while to see if that’s still the case, but I would imagine that there’s a lot of stuff you can only buy on the iPad, or only buy on the iPhone. I also remember there were games like 7th Guest that had separate versions they sold for each device. iOS would make it simple, but I’m finding people want more granularity when it comes to defining the platform for a game.

Interesting. Especially given that a category such as PC is not divided up into things like DOS, WIN3.1, WIN95, WINXP…WIN10 and so on. There are hardware differences that divide the PC platform quite drastically but PC games from different eras have only one category: PC. I suppose it is not the same thing, but I view iOS games in a similar vein. They all play on iOS, however with different hardware requirements. I suppose we can blame this one on Apple for making iPad and iPhone essentially distinct platforms from a UI standpoint, despite the fact that they both run the same OS.

Thanks for the insight.