iOS people: Wanna help test my new game?

Hi, fellow Grouvee users! :wave:

Since 2010, my friend and I occasionally make casual, pick-up-and-play games for iOS under the name Backabit.

Our first game, Ramps, was featured by Apple and has “generally favorable” reviews on Metacritic. Believe it or not, it actually broke the App Store Paid Top 10 for about a week!

Our second game, Lotsa Blocks, had what a very kind person might call “more modest success,” but we learned a lot making it.

We’re currently putting the finishing touches on our third game, but we’re interested in some fresh perspective just in case our friends, family and coworkers have missed something along the way.

The new game is all about timing and direction. You must guide the hapless astronaut from planet to planet, orbiting as many as possible. Here’s a screenshot I just took from the current build:

If you own an up-to-date iOS device with iOS 10 installed, you’d like to try out the beta and you’re willing to provide feedback, please reply to this thread. I’ll follow up via private message for your details.

Please note that space in the beta is limited. Depending on how many people want to join, we may not be able to follow up with everyone who replies. But it’d be great to get a handful of my fellow Grouvee users’ thoughts before everything’s buttoned down! :slight_smile:

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I’ll give it a try if you’ve got space.

I’ve got an iPhone 6s with the latest iOS installed. Let me know what other info you need.

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I’m in if there’s room. I have a couple iOS devices that I can test it on running iOS 10.

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I’ve hit my PM limit for the day since I just joined the forums yesterday. PM me your email and I’ll invite ya!

This got shoved down the list a little because of the backlog attack stuff, but I wanted to bump it because I’m having fun with it. It’s easy to just pick up and play for a minute or two. It looks cool, and there are planets that look like Charlie Brown. I don’t know if Tyler still has room, but it’s worth checking out.


I second that. It’s quite funny and pretty adorable.

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Thanks, @peter and @bmo! :blush:

We do still have some beta slots open, though we’re hoping to wrap up development within the next few weeks. Interested folks are still welcome to PM me their email.

On a related note, our previous two games are on Grouvee now: