Information display bugs?

I’ve come across a couple of things that seem like bugs:

  1. When I manually add a new game to my list, I don’t see where on the game page you select which platform you played it on. However, if I reload the page after selecting which shelf to add it to, you do see a link to Edit Shelf Details. I guess this is a bit of a nitpick, but it would be nice if that link showed up after you added a game to a shelf instead of having to reload the game page. Or maybe it could be a pop-up after you add a game to a shelf. It just seems like you’re always going to want to specify the platform when adding a game, so it should be more obvious.

  2. The games I imported from my Steam library all show up with the number of hours I played in the Dates Played column on the My Games page. However, if I manually add a game and then manually add the Date Started, Date Finished, and Time Played information, only the dates show up in the Dates Played column. (In fact, it looks like only the Date Finished displays, not the Date Started, but that doesn’t bother me since I really only care about the Date Finished.) It looks like the only way to get the Time Played info to display is to create a separate Date Information entry for just the Time Played. Since you can enter all of that information in the same form, it seems like it should all be displayed on your shelf without having to do two entries for every game.

Other than these nit-picks, I’m really enjoying your site. Thanks!

I agree that the big blue button should show up once you add a game to your shelf. Right now, in the bottom left corner of your screen there’s a little popup that comes up, and it has an “edit” link in the popup. If you click that, the platform dialog shows up.

As for the dates, you’ve pretty much described the logic I use to display the time played information on the shelf :smile: Since I’m only displaying the Date Finished field if it’s filled in, I could probably put the hours played underneath that if that’s filled in. I’ll play with it and see how it looks. I didn’t want to cram too much information into that table because it can get crowded.

I never noticed the edit link in the corner popup. Well that solves that problem! As for the dates, I understand your concern about it looking too cluttered, but it seems like there’s plenty of height to each entry for the addition of just that one extra line. I see now that Steam imports the dates and time played as two separate entries, which is why imported games display both the date and the time played. Based on how my imported Steam list looks, the time played is only ever one line, and the finish dates are never more than two. One thing you could do to reduce clutter is to change the “Add Additional Dates” link to just “Add Dates,” thus reducing it to one line. I understand that you’re trying to differentiate between adding dates for the first time and adding extra dates, but it doesn’t seem like a useful distinction. If I haven’t added dates, “Add Dates” is pretty clear. If I’ve already added dates, they appear right there so I know I’ve done it, and it’s pretty clear that the “Add Dates” link will let me add more dates. The bottom line is that “Add Additional” is redundant, and if you’re worried about clutter, it would make sense to shrink that link so it only takes up one line. Just a suggestion!