Import other platforms PS4 , Xbox etc

Just started using your site, thank you its awesome. Wondeirng if there is an xbox gamer tag game import function, cant find any definetive information on this

Thank You



I would love to see import of collection from any of the popular consoles. PSN or Xbox live import is nothing new, other websites for achievement hunting use them

However, it’s easier said that done. I don’t know how those websites connect and send your library and profile info (perhaps API) but it would be pretty difficult to add to grouvee. Hopefully it’s at least on their list :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry I am confused, are you saying you can import Xbox games or that it would be easy to implement ?

Love the platform, started to manually import. Will most likely donate and support at some stage this week when I get around to it.

I said it’s not currently available on the website, it would be possible to implement based on other websites using data from PSN or Xbox, or any other console to display achievements and get user data, and that it would be difficult to add to grouvee :slight_smile:
From what I understand, it’s more like a hobby project that doesn’t generate too much profit, and the author would need to spend his free time on developing features for the website, but that’s something I will not speak about , I just don’t have the rights too. You would need to wait for response from one of the moderators/developer, I’m just a regular user :slight_smile:

cool thanks for the reply, its no biggy just curious if I missed that function. The steam intergation is flawless

bump can we get this please? if it worked as well as the steam integration this would be amaaazing.!