import_help page broken?

The import_help page, which allows users to link Steam appids to Grouvee pages, seems to be broken. Though it loads and correctly finds games that might be matches, clicking the “Link this Grouvee Game” does not do anything. Note that my import_help page is extremely (extremely!) large, so it is possible that the problem is arising due to that.

It’s not your large collection. Try again now and let me know if it’s fixed.

Fixed! Thanks for the quick fix!

I’m a new user here and have waited 24hours for my Steam collection to import but it doesn’t seem to be working. Either I have done something wrong or the function isn’t working. Could you take a look?

I need to update the help page because I get this issue fairly often.

Your Steam profile is set to private. We can’t import your games unless the profile is public.

Here’s the steps I tell people to take if they want to keep their profile private, but want to import their games:

  • Temporarily set your Steam profile to public.
  • Go to your Grouvee settings page, delete your Steam community URL,
    save your profile.
  • Go back into your Grouvee settings, re enter your URL, then save your
    profile. This will kick off the Steam import.
  • Once you get the email saying it’s done, you can reset your Steam
    profile to private. Obviously it won’t import anymore games, but
    you’ll have your collection in there at least.

Let me know if this doesn’t work or if you have any other questions!

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All working now. Thank you!