I released a game but can't add it

Hi. I just released my first videogame today, but I seem to be unable to add it to the database
since me as a developer is not registered as developer/publisher.

The game can be downloaded for free on Itchio here

Feedback would be great. You can write it here or on Itchio.
Please make sure to read the Itchio information about the framerate issue


Hey there! Congrats on finishing your first game :smile:

If you haven’t found it already, you can create a game entry here for the moderators to approve. It might not be approved right away because they can get a bit backlogged btw.

That’s an understatement :slight_smile:

I am going to let other people start approving these games. I literally can’t do it and also try and work on the website.


Can curators currently approve them? If so, i have no idea where new entries are listed.

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Thanks for the replies and information. I have also updated the game-page with instructions on how to install it on Windows 10 computers. This because W10 has SmartScreen and the
Reputation-based Protection system, which seems to dislike old-school exe games