I need help

I have recently bought my first pc and I am kinda new to pc gaming. So I would appreciate it strong textif you all can give me some game suggestions.

Specs :-
i3 10100
Gt 1030
8 gb ram
500 gb ssd

Genres I want to play :
First-person shooter

The problem will be always the graphics card, obviously. I looked on youtube for " gt 1030 gaming" and there a few videos showing how different games perform. For example

I would consider to lower the resolution to 720p to push the fps.
Maybe Xcloud gaming would be a cheaper way to play newer games in case you have a good internet connection.
With the genres you’ve mentioned there is not really a point to suggest any games because there a lot of good ones and everybody has his own favourites.

My suggestion is to look for general recommendations and then to see which games will run on your system (I use a website to compare system requirements as a heuristic). The older the game, the more likely they’ll run smoothly.

That being said, the Bioshock series and the Dishonored games are among my favorites.