How to remove games from shelves

For the life of me I can’t figure out how to delete games once you’ve added them. I see options to put them on other shelves, mark them as played or as playing or add them to a backlog, but no option to completely remove them. This is driving me crazy, because I can’t imagine that this would be so difficult to do. Maybe I’m overlooking something, so please enlighten me somebody!

For a game to be removed completely, just don’t have it added to any shelf. That includes removing it from either backlog, wishlist, played, or playing. So for example, if the game is only on your backlog shelf, just click the backlog button again, and it will no longer be highlighted blue. Then the game is not in your library anymore. :smile:

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Yay, it worked! Thanks so much for the info! That has to be the most counter-intuitive way of deleting something I have ever seen, though. Jeez, couldn’t they have put a delete button or big X or something. Everything else though I like a lot, so I shouldn’t be complaining I suppose.