How to remove all games from shelves?

After adding games from the Steam I want to manually keep statistics of the game time, because many games were launched only to receive cards. How can I delete all games from Backlog, Played, and also delete game time statistics from all imported games?

You’ve got a lot of games!

I don’t have a way to remove everything from the default shelves yet.

I need to rework the way the Steam import works. There have been enough complaints about the way Grouvee automatically puts games on your Played or Backlog shelf, that there need to be more options. Same thing goes for time played stats. When I built this system, I had no idea about the launch games to get the cards thing people do. It makes total sense why people do it, I just didn’t know about it! Obviously that screws up a lot of people’s Played shelf, and that’s not cool.

I can go in and wipe out your shelves and playtimes manually for you if you’d like.

Yes, please! I manually fill shelves and play time.
Steam import realy need rework.I got only 4036 games, although in steam I have 4435 games.

We’re getting better every day with the amount of Steam games we have paired in our database. You can help out by going to your Steam import page and match up any games we’re missing, or suggest games to add to the database at Log In and track your game collection and backlog with Grouvee

Your Played and Backlog shelves are wiped, and all of your playtimes are wiped now.


Thank you. Played and Backlog shelves are wiped,but playtimes is not. See example…

Hi can you wipe my entire Shelves list aswell, Peter ? you never responded to my last reply in the thread i made. It would be great if you can just wipe everything i can just use the Steam import thing at a later date when its more bug free. I would like to add the games for all other systems i have that arent Steam instead till its more stable. I want to use the adding funnnction to catalogue the games i have and have completed.

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Hey @TheGamerPandA, I wiped everything out for you. Let me know if you see anything funny.

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I’ll wipe your stuff out when I get this time import thing fixed. It’s being funny on me right now.

Sorry about the delays guys! The new baby is preventing me from getting much time to do anything right now!

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Thank you yes its completely wiped now, i will report if i stumble across anything.

Hi @TheGamerPandA, I made a big change to the Steam import yesterday. There are several options on your settings page (Log In and track your game collection and backlog with Grouvee) now under a Steam Settings tab.

You can specify where to import games, if you want hours imported, etc. A new page has also been created that will show you what games were imported during the last import as well (Log In and track your game collection and backlog with Grouvee). That way if you don’t import games automatically to a shelf, you can go to that page and move things around however you want.

Let me know if you get a chance to play with it.

Hi Peter! I too was looking for a way to purge my Steam games, I have faaaar too many. If you wouldn’t mind, I’d appreciate a wipe. :smiley: Thank you!