How many hours a week do you play?

I’m always curious about how much time people get to play games. I typically get about 3 hours on the weekend, and that’s about all the time I get to play games. That’s mostly why I plan on starting a backlog challenge because buying games is silly when I have zero time for them almost.

No judgments please! I play between 20-30 hours a week.

On an average day, I play between 3-4 hours. That breaks down as 1 hour during my commute, 1-2 hours in the evening, and about 1 hour in bed as I’m falling asleep. Fortunately, I only need 6 hours of sleep a night. Weekends vary, of course, but generally I get about the same amount of time in. It also varies by what I’m playing–it’s a lot easier to put down Smash Bros after an hour than Dragon Age.

Generally, I’d say this amount of gaming would be indicative of an addiction, but since I’m still able to balance daily exercise and a healthy social life, I don’t think I’m overdoing it. That said, if I were putting that time into, say, learning Japanese, I’d be a scholar by now :expressionless:

My hours vary wildly from none at all to literally every free moment I have. I’ll go weeks without playing a thing, though with the podcast now, I force myself to get off my lazy butt and play things. But something Like Dragon Age? I’ll forgo sleep and play it for 12 or more hours a day. In the 5 days it took me to finish Inquisition, I got 14 hours of sleep in total. There are very few game I play with that kind of fervor though. So no need to send me to rehabilitation just yet. :wink:

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Usually about 10-15. Lately I been just kinda browsing the web more than playing. But I just recently got a graveyard job so I can play at work. Will probably pick up the playtime to about 25hrs a week.
Not really a whole lot I been excited about lately. Catching up on The Flash comics, Battle Angel Alita manga and re-watching DS9.

I JUST bought Binding of Isaac Rebirth for my Vita (was playing it on PC), and the new Project Diva f2nd, Valkyria Chronicles, and my gf is taking a trip to Florida so I’m gonna be playing a lot in the next two weeks. :smiley:

I think on average I play maybe only 3-4 hours per week, mainly during the weekend. There are weeks where I don’t play at all, and there are weeks where I play 10+ hours though these are rare.

I’m just freaking busy with my job and with the rest of ‘life’.
I recently moved to the US and during winter my commute is 1+ hr. I currently use that either to work or to play with my friends back in Europe. My new years resolution is to work less during commute and bust out my Vita and 3DS more often :smile:

One thing that I just realized is that I love love love the suspend/resume mode on my handhelds and esp. on the Xbox One. The fact that I can play for literally 10 mins and turn down a game at any moment and pick up exactly where I left off without crazy load times or replaying parts of missions makes that I actually started playing much more!

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That’s me in a nutshell. I don’t have the commute that you do, but my schedule mostly prevents me from getting any time in during the week.

I used to have a software engineering job where my schedule was very flexible, and it wasn’t a big deal to stay up playing Demon’s Souls way too late every once in a while because I could go in later the next day. Now I have to be at work at 6:40AM, so I’d be miserable if I stayed up playing games.

It varies tremendously based on what I’ve got lying around. When a game I really enjoy is available, I can easily play 5 hours a day, starting as soon as I get back from work. More often though I’ll get in a couple hours a day as a means of winding down, assuming I don’t instead read or do chores or something with that time. Let’s say 20 normally, up to 60 during peak hours.

Depends on what I’m playing at any given time, and what I actually feel like doing, honestly.

I’m blessed with a lot of free time - between being self-employed, childfree and with a significant other who is a gamer himself. Some weeks I can easily spend 10+ hours a day, only to follow it with not gaming at all for multiple days in a row, because I get distracted by a book or something of the sort.