How does Grouvee pick the release date?

How does Grouvee decide which release to use? For example, the game Silent Service has an earliest release date of 1985 on Giant Bomb, but the release date in Grouvee is Jan 27, 1988, which I don’t even see listed among the releases on Giant Bomb’s entry for Silent Service. Giant Bomb does erroneously claim that the earliest release date is 1988, however.

Giant Bomb has a release date field in their API that is filled out independently of all of the release data in their database. That’s the field that Grouvee uses for the release date. It’s supposed to be the earliest release date of a game in any territory.

Where Jan 27, 1988 came from, I really don’t know. The Giant Bomb API reports back 12/31/1988 right now, even though they have release information that says 1985. I’ll put in an edit on their site to change it to 1985.