How do you tackle game collections for your backlog?

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How do you backloggers tackle game collections, as the title states?

I’m myself a gamer for quite a few years, and I want to try cut down my realisable backlogs (bye bye possibility of Steam’s backlog getting cut down, haha), which includes my Switch, NES Mini, SNES Mini and a game on Steam and my Xbox One which are game collections. I’m especially interested into completing those collections, so how do you guys do it? I would love to hear tips, and discuss about them.

For anyone wondering, my current collection games are Mega Man Legacy Collection (Steam) and Rare Replay (Xbox One). But I’m considering getting the Legacy Collection (either X or the regular one) games on cartridge, imported from Japan for the Switch.

Well, if the games are story-focus I play them in chronological order to follow the story properly, if they aren’t I play them in order of release to experience the changes in gameplay through the years

I would start with the best reviewed entry in the series. Old games are nice, but can sometimes be a chore to finish. And then you probably quit the whole series.