How do I get a profile picture on the forums?

Yesterday, I added a profile picture to my profile on the Grouvee site proper, but it’s not showing up on the forums. I also don’t see a way to add it to the forums separately. Am I missing something?

The profile pic thing on the forums is broken, as pointed out to my by @iNFERNAL a couple weeks ago. I need to figure out what the Discourse developers (the forum software people) changed. I used to be able to just pass it through a URL when you logged into the forums, but that doesn’t seem to be working.

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Thanks for the heads-up, I’ll patiently be a grey John Doe for a while then :wink:

OK, it seems to be working again.

On the main site, click the Forums link, and it should update your avatar over here on the forums. @iNFERNAL

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