How do I delete a game rating?

While going through my backlog I accidentally tapped on the stars for a game and gave it a rating. Trouble is, I haven’t played it yet. I changed it to a 5* rating because I like the rest of the series but is there a way to outright delete it? Just so my rating doesn’t affect the game average.

Maybe this is a feature request, I’m not sure. Cheers xD

It looks like you’re using the old shelf style, so here’s how you do it.

If you’re on a desktop, if you mouse over the rating, an X Clear Rating button should pop up below for you to click on. If you’re on a phone, you have to refresh the page after doing the rating, and then you can touch the star rating to get that button to pop up. If you use the new style shelves, the X button is there when there is a rating. I’m slowly redoing all the pages so that the X will always be there.


No worries, it’s possible to clear your rating. Point the mouse on the rating in the game’s page on Grouvee, the red X will appear for you to click on.


Thanks! I couldn’t figure it out on mobile but it was a breeze on desktop