Has anyone here ever been to a mental hospital? If so what was your experience and did it cost anything? I have no money or insurance - also nowhere here to stay lol there’s no hospitals here as it is - so I’m not even sure what I would do for that, but whatever.

I was committed to a psychiatric hospital against my will for two months. It was a miserable experience mainly because I really did not want to be there, although it was probably for the best at that time.
But it was an extremely depressing environment. Many people there who were incredibly ill.

As for the cost, I live in Scandinavia and I think the maximum cost for a patient is roughly equivalent to 10 bucks per day in my country.


Unfathomable for an American.


Probably add a couple zeros here yeah?

I’ve never been in a mental hospital. I have navigated outpatient mental health services for years, bouncing between close to a dozen different talk therapists, CBT therapists, and psychiatrists, both in-person and remote, and I had an overall very negative experience even with having insurance. The CBT therapist was the only one that gave me any help. The others all felt like a waste of time and money. What helped me the most was actually leaving my toxic living situation.

Additionally, my ex-wife was the CEO of a nonprofit that advocated for mental/behavioral health providers who depend on Medicaid (essentially what you’d be looking for) and, while the providers are often dedicated believers who want to help people, they are also stretched incredibly thin. Medicaid, since its for poor people, is often considered unworthy of money and they get unfairly audited (I can into detail if people want) as a way to ensure not too much taxpayer money goes to them. Especially as various drug epidemics continue to draw provider resources away from other sources.

I say this to warn you that I cannot imagine that an in-patient mental health provider will give you any better of an experience than I had. Certainly you should consider it as an option if you need it but approach it with care.

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I need to be in one. There’s no alternative at this point.

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As long as you go in not expecting miracles, something is better than nothing. My wife’s experience of free, outpatient mental health care was ok but it’s so basic, like an hour a week for 3 months and then back to the doctor to reassess if she needs more. It’s not exactly comprehensive. She still found it helpful though, but there is no cure for mental health issues. It’s something that needs day to day maintenance.

I’m pleased to hear you’re thinking of reaching out to someone for help. It’s a brave thing to do and as I’ve already said, it’ll be better than doing nothing. Wishing you good luck.


I’m pleased to hear you’re thinking of reaching out to someone for help

I mean, I’m not. I just wish I could and recognize it’s my last hope, but I can’t afford to and this is so rural there’s no hospitals anyway. Just doomed to bedrot in my pain.