Horizon chase turbo

I made an entry for this game but was not approved, instead the page for the original horizon chase was updated saying that a console version exists and it’s called turbo. While I understand the need to avoid flooding the site with games I have to stress that it’s not the same game: it has new cars, new tracks, new soundtrack, a different ui, new modes, local multiplayer and some minor tweaks to gameplay. Since there are even collections in the database I thought all this allowed for an entry of its own


I didn’t do this one specifically, but it looks like the Turbo versions were listed under the releases section of the game. Horizon Chase Turbo (2018) | Grouvee

I’m actually a little confused by this one. It looks like the iOS/Android version is really called Horizon Chase: World Tour? If that’s the case, then I’ll agree with you that the console/PC version should probably be split off into its own entry and the main one needs to be renamed. Would you agree?

I actually just went ahead and renamed the entry we already had in the database to the Turbo version and took the mobile platforms off. I also created the mobile entry in the database here: Horizon Chase: World Tour (2015) | Grouvee

Hope that helps!

Yes thank you! Actually I’m a bit confused myself about the mobile version, I thought it was simply horizon chase but I checked and on play store it says world tour, while the promotional art just says horizon chase… probably they added the “world tour” part to differentiate it from the console version