Has anyone here ever hitchhiked before and if so what was your experience? Looking at being homeless in the next week in order to escape some monsters, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Yep! Across Eastern France and a lot in the Bahamas. A little bit in the US, but I had a much harder time here than abroad - the culture isn’t very open to it anymore. I’m sure it’s still possible, and probably easier if you’re female-presenting, but you’ll definitely want to keep your wits about you. Know in advance where your lines are so that it’s very clear to you when they are crossed, and don’t hesitate to bail once they are. Keep necessities on you at all times in case you find yourself having to ditch a ride in an inconvenient location.

As for catching rides, it’s probably more likely to happen if there are two of you, because drivers tend to be wary of solo travelers. There’s something about seeing friends traveling together that instills a bit of trust, and of course it also helps to keep you safer. If thumbing on the side of the highway doesn’t work out, try stopping at a local shop and striking up conversation with someone - if they’ve had a chance to talk to you even a little, they’re more likely to help out. Even better if you notice someone who could use a hand and offer assistance - they might ask what they can do in return.

Also, avoid vans or any vehicles where you can’t see in the back. I once had a ride stop at a gas station, then open his van door to sit and have a smoke, right next to the mattress he had set up in the back. I ignored him, but I should have left him there. Instead, we continued on and he decided to kick me out in the middle of nowhere. Could have been worse, but I definitely learned a lesson from that one! Best of luck :slight_smile:


As for catching rides, it’s probably more likely to happen if there are two of you

Well that isn’t happenng, seeing as I have no friends.

and of course it also helps to keep you safer

I don’t care about my safety.

But thank you for the information anyway. At least someone replied!

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What part of the world are you in?

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I’m located in the US, New Mexico.

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