Help me remember the names of these old school games

Hi guys, i’m trying to recall every game i’ve ever played (within reason, not stuff that i messed about with for an hour) but there are still two titles that are eluding me.

The first is a Myst-like Roman-themed adventure game, quite possible a learning title that i played in school in the mid-to-late 90s. As far as i can remember it was totally first-person though you never saw the players’ hands etc. You mainly ran around a Roman town doing errands for people and learning about the culture. It wasn’t great but the fact that i can remember it but not the name is killing me.

The same goes for the second game - a 2D side-scrolling pirate title, again probably played in the mid-to-late 90s. As far as i can remember you could see most of the ship and you basically ran and around jumping on the rigging and slashing at enemies. It may also have included first-person Myst-like moments between action stages. Sorry i can’t be more specific, these memories are about 20 years old.

Note - i’ve looked through listings but haven’t had any luck, i’m just hoping one of these descriptions rings a bell with someone. Thanks for any help.

Only one I can really think of, for the myst-like game is:

The other that pops into mind is:

But that’s Atlantis (though it looks like Rome/Greece), and it features a lot of other places too. Great game though.

No idea about the other game.

Ahhh that’s the one. I’m 99% sure it was Timescape, it does look very familiar. Big thankyou for tracking that down - not knowing was driving me and a friend crazy.

You found the right forum to ask about something like this! If you say Myst, or Myst-like 3 times in a row, @Jess will appear wherever you are :smile:


You know me so well, haha.