Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

How do you think, what will be the system requirements, will it be necessary to have a directx 11 compatible video card to play this game?

Also feel free to write your thoughts about what do you expect from it.

I checked this topic really late but I managed to play the game not so long ago. I understand the fact that Hellblade tries to offer an unique audio and the perspective of a person that suffers from psychosis but it did not really quite hit the spot for me. It’s a decent game, not a bad one but I think it could have been much more interesting in concept (gameplay-wise). The puzzles with the letters get extremely repetitive and frustrating at the same time, made me even quit because I just did not want to complete another puzzle similar to this one after such a short time. I really don’t think it’s a masterpiece but somewhat decent try-out for that spot. If you like puzzles and you have nothing against them getting repetitive, then feel free to give it a try. The story did have a bit of interesting ideas.

What I really liked about the project was that, the team decided to visit and create a research for Senua’s personality by asking real LIFE people that are going through this kind of an issue, by working with a “recovery college” and asking experts from the University of Cambridge and University of Durham etc. It is something that should be appreciated.