Halloween Games

What you guys got slotted for halloween? I think I’m going to play Ghouls 'N ghosts on supergrafx Daimakaimura (SuperGrafx) - The Cutting Room Floor Wish me luck lol

Last year I enjoyed Demons’ crest (was awesome) and before that was Symphony of the Night.
Also Halloween on 2600 is a cool gem. (but i didnt play on Halloween)
I’d recommend any of these games!

So what you guys got going?


Halloween is generally more of a movie period for me. Plus the fact that I just started a new job which is taking up a lot of time and energy, I can hardly find moments to game now. I’ll probably play some Halloween themed Overwatch with friends. I might pick up Amnesia, Soma or Alan Wake too, if I can find some time. I still have all those in my Steam library, so that should help cleaning that out too.


Something shorter since I just don’t have that much time at the moment. Thinking about finally tackling Geist. Maybe Resident Evil Gaiden.

I want to play Black The Fall
It’s dark dystopian game with very stylish art. I heard the puzzles are diverse and absorbing.

Maybe not that niche but I’m going back for some good old Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare.
I really love the creepy feeling this game has all around! Would absolutely recommend it. It’s some unleashed Rockstar right there

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare


I don’t really wanna play anything new, but Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will have a Resident Evil themed event. That will be perfect for Halloween.

I played The 7th Guest for the first time… it wasn’t very scary though.


I have to know, were you able to get through the can puzzle in the cupboard without looking it up?

No, that was a nonsense sentence it wanted me to figure out.


I remember when I was a kid, my dad bought us the strategy guide for that game. The “hint” for that puzzle was a huge list of words that have the letter q in it. Still had to look it up because it’s a dumb puzzle :slight_smile:


OMG, it was the most frustrating puzzle in my life :confounded: For not-native English speakers it’s not solvable !

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I’m really curious about this puzzle now.

There were cans in a pantry with letters on them. They were arranged like this:


You had to swap them around until you had a sentence. The number of letters per word stayed the same (so the first word is 3 letters, second is 5, etc). So basically you had to know a bunch of words that had Y in them (I said Q earlier because I’m dumb).

It was just really hard, and it was an absurd sentence that made no sense.


Even knowing exactly what to do I’m struggling to figure out the sentence. I love puzzles, but this looks like a headache. I will solve this.

Actually, breaking this down its not nearly as intimidating. Are the rest of the puzzles int he game of similar quality? If so I’m very interested.


I’m impressed. You’re 90% of the way there.

That’s definitely the hardest puzzle that I remember. There are definitely some super simple puzzles too, but I remember overall the puzzles being decent. The story of the game is real weird, and the FMV is pretty awesome (bad). I think it goes on sale for $5 on GOG sometimes.

I looked it up. I couldn’t stop thinking about it while listening to a particularly boring database lecture. I’m a little mad I even tried now. IT’S BARELY A SENTENCE. Some tool with a paid Mensa membership was extremely proud of them self for this slaughtering of the english language.

Shy gypsy slyly spryly tryst by my crypt.

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Yeah, it’s pretty dumb. I was impressed you had several of the words on your list there. It’s why I always complain about that puzzle anytime someone brings that game up :slight_smile:

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I actually had “tryst” on my list before I looked it up too, but somehow missed “gypsy”.