Half-Life 25th Anniversary

How is everyone feeling about the Anniversary update? I appreciate the widescreen and Uplink being added, and there’s lots of other, smaller things that make revisiting the game more charming.


I just happened to play through this for the first time a few weeks ago. Got lucky and grabbed it while it was free on Steam. I played HL2 and the episodes back when they came out, and it was interesting to go back and see how it all got started.
I’m not really sure what got changed in the game with the update, but I can say for my first playthrough, it was quite an experience. That game is difficult. You really need to be careful and plan. Which I think fits the situation. Gordon isn’t the Master Chief. He’s a nerd with a high tech suit of armor. I started to get a better feel for the game later on, and then it started to really open up for me.

I played Opposing Force afterwards, and that was an awesome experience. I think going in with a mentality that “this is a survival game” rather than “this is a shooter” really helped me to enjoy it a lot.

I’ve been on a real shooter kick this year, and Half-Life was one of the highlights.