Grouvless Crossover Show

FYI, @spigelwii and myself recorded an episode of his show Effortless (from his Youtube network, the ZB Network that you should definitely go check out because they have a lot of cool shows over there).

We talk about beards, Majora’s mask, all of the current gen consoles, and other fun stuff. You can listen here:

or it will be up as a normal podcast download on the Grouvee feed pretty soon.

Let us know what you think!

Please listen and let us know. The feedback is like gold. Well not gold, but maybe silver. It’s very helpful.

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I’m waiting for the audio version to give it a listen.

The audio version is live! Give us a listen and tell us what you think.

Unless you meant for the show to end in the middle of a sentence, the file is incomplete.

Well, that’s not good. I wonder if the upload got corrupted. I know I had the ending because I always check both the beginning and end before I upload. The ending is pretty awesome too.

Alright, it’s all fixed!

I’ll listen to the rest after I finish this episode of the Giant Bombcast.

I gave it a listen a few days ago. Was alright. :thumbsup:
I think maybe you guys might have been able to open up a little more.
Other than that good job!

I agree. I listened all the way through. Felt a little stiff. For the system discussion, it would have been great to expound upon the points more. There were some very broad statements made. Most tend to talk a bit hyperbolic in general (I mean in a general human sense), so being able to add a more personal touch to why those statements are real to you helps to connect and ground the statements. I would definitely listen to another.