Grouvee's OFFICIAL Pokemon trading forum

Hey y’all. Please post what Pokemon you are looking for. We’ll develop this system for setting up trades as people actually use the forum.


Here are the Pokemon I’m looking for (in National Dex order of course)


I have Pokemon Sword and Brilliant Diamond (and a bunch in Pokemon Home from previous games) so request away. I’d love to set up some trades!


I don’t have stuff in front of me to know which non-breedables I have duplicates of, but I completed the living dex middle of last year. I’d be happy to help out with whatever you are still lacking. Maybe we could work out details later this week or beyond?

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Alright, took a look. Here’s what I can offer… Anybody else feel free to ask for help. All of my Pokemon are legitimately caught, or breeded versions of Pokemon I received through wonder trade in sword and shield. The only questionable situation, if you care about that, is I used the DS wifi network to connect to the server where they continued hosting events for the gen 4/5 mythicals/event Pokemon. I will star any Pokemon that are of this nature.

The games I own that I could theoretically help you with home are: leaf green, emerald, platinum, white, black 2, x,y, alpha Sapphire and omega ruby, moon, sun,ultra moon and sun, let’s go Eevee, sword and shield, brilliant diamond, and legends arceus (I assume home support will come for the last two)


1 extra Deoxys
No extras of unova starters but I can breed them on DS and bring up through bank/home
1 extra thundurus
No zekrom but can get one with some work
1 extra Meloetta
No extra chespin line but options
One extra minior
No extra komala, bruxish, drama, lunala
One extra magearna
One extra zeraora
No extra Appleton, eiscue, or cursola but options
1 extra zamazenta
1 extra zarude

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Wow! Uh yes, I am very interested in all of what you have extras of. Anything you looking for? I have (or can quickly get) every Pokemon not listed here, and if it is breedable I can give you as many as you want.

Also, sorry I didn’t see your original post but yes let’s definitely work out the details.

I have updated my profile to include Switch and Pokemon Home friend codes. I thought that would be useful to post as (hopefully) more people begin to use this thread. I am happy to help anybody who wants to add me.

Switch Friend Code: SW5221-2969-0022 ________________ Joey
Pokemon Home: AMJQNWPQAZFK__________________PaychkStvns

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I’ll be friend requesting you tonight!

Never saw a friend request come through… Did you use Pokemon Home? If so, I think you have to share your code with me too

I do! Sorry a very weird two weeks at work. I’ll friend request you tonight! I have the next four days off so I have no excuses.

I’ve sent you friend requests in both!

Just accepted the switch one this morning, and did Home over the weekend. Sorry for the delay… I work in accounting and our annual filing with the SEC is filed tomorrow so these past few days have been the busy days of the year. Not sure the best way to coordinate some trades, but I am open to communicating via other avenues if there is something more convenient with you.

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You’re all good! Much quicker about it than me. Also- @Paycheck_Stevens works in Accounting? Love it.

Is there a time that works for you today? I got the rest of the day off and can basically make it work whenever.

Hey, sorry I missed you. I can do pretty much any time this weekend with just a bit of notice. I am in the central time zone in the USA, and usually am awake any time between 7am-11pm

Could we do some Pokemon Home trading tonight at 10PM?

Yeah! Let me know what you’re wanting and I will make sure I have it separated into a trade box to save you some time

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I’m very thankful! Arceus has actually made some quick work of some of the Pokemon I was looking for so my needs have cleared up a bit. Out of what you were offering, I would love-


I’d also take any Pokemon you listed options for, but don’t feel the need to rush your time to get me one tonight or anything. I set my goal to complete my LivingDex by the end of this year so I’m in no hurry.

I’ll set up a trade. Just hopped in bed so I’ll be ready whenever

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truly some bonkers trades going down right now

Glad I could help… I think that was everything for now right?

Hopefully we can help each other out when Scarlet and Violet come out right? Also thanks for the Cubone… I have a special place for it since that is who I got for my first mystery dungeon playthrough.

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