Grouvee Updates 2/12/15

Just a couple of quick updates I’d like to share:

  • You can now edit your email address on your settings page
  • We’ve built a giveaway platform we’re going to be using to try and give users of Grouvee a chance to get games from a bunch of different indie devs. @Jess has a whole slew of them lined up for you.
  • The visual refresh of Grouvee is coming along pretty nicely. I hope to release an initial version in the next month
  • We’re going to be adding a videos section to the game pages where we’re going to post first look type videos that @Jess is doing. We think it adds a little bit more info to our game pages that you guys might want. Let us know what you think of them!
  • Keep sending ideas my way! I do this on the side, so it takes a little while to get to things (sometimes a really long time), but I try my best.