Grouvee Maintenance

I’m posting this here at 9:10 AM Eastern time on 2/28/16 to let people know that the main Grouvee server will be going down for a little bit for some maintenance. I’m going to make the servers bigger! Hopefully that means better too :slightly_smiling:

I’ll post an update when it’s back up. This forum is on a different server, so it will still be up during the down time.


Everything is back up and running! I doubled the CPU and RAM on the server for now. Hopefully that makes it a good amount faster until I rearchitect the servers.


I’m about to do some big maintenance on the site. I’m shifting all of the developer/publisher data over to a new company model. It might take a little while for the database migration to run and the giantbomb update to run. Sorry for any inconvenience!