Grouvee Gold/Pro

I’m just throwing this out here for some feedback. This is the list of features I’m going to build at first for Grouvee Gold members. This will come out with the redesign.

  • Upload a background image to your profile
  • Change the box art for a game in your collection
  • Icon/Badge on your avatar (@Jess has made a sweet disco ball for this)
  • No ads
  • Access to a members only forum
  • Access to exclusive giveaways

I’m going to make it $30 $40 per year, or $3 $5 a month. Does this sound reasonable?

Edit 4/26: I changed the amounts a hair from what I originally said. Credit card fees kind of suck when you don’t do millions in volume :smile:

Sounds good to me! Especially changing the box art, I’ll lose many hours to that alone. Love using custom images in my Steam library.

Plus pink background on profile page! :grin:

Totally - I’d happily support Grouvee in this way even if I don’t take full advantage of every one of those features.

If it helps even a little to continue to help fund this endeavor, I’ll gladly do so. :smile:

Sorry if I’ve missed this elsewhere, but do you have a rough ETA on when the redesign/GG will hit?

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Thanks! Any little bit will help. I don’t want to be a millionaire from Grouvee necessarily, I just want to cover most of my costs so we can keep this thing going for a long, long time.

I’m hoping within the next couple of weeks or so I’ll have a first release of it all. I’m working on it every chance I get. The front page stuff is done, the profile pages are done, the review pages are done, I’m working on the games pages as we speak, and I’ll get the shelf pages next. I might go ahead and release what I have done once I’m finished with the game pages and see what people like.

I’m with mrhaydel on this manner. If it helps this website out I’m glad to do so! This place is awesome and I want it to grow and be huge like Goodreads or Ign!

I’m probably not going to be using hardly any of these features but nice bonus nonetheless :smiley:
Maybe some editor powers would be kickass.

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I can’t wait to see everything! :grinning:

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I am totally down with this! Count me in :smile:

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Count me in! :smiley:
Sounds totally reasonable.

You wouldn’t want a separate forum as it segregates the community and will reduce interest in non paying members who are automatically excluded from participating in what could be cool things. One way to offset this could be adding a discussion on every game page, so like minded players can instantly connect instead of having to go to the separate forum area and search it out, which most players would not do. This would allow more spontaneous growth through increased connections.


Grouvee Gold is live everyone!

If you want to help support the site, go over to Grouvee Gold and sign up!

I will love you forever if you do. Thanks for being part of this awesome community!

I would love to support the site, but I would prefer to pay via Paypal. Any chance you can make that an option?

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It should be fairly easy to add Paypal. I’m using Braintree for my payment processing, and Paypal owns them. I think they have a pretty easy drop in system for it. I will work on it and let you know.

Thanks for the support!

I wish we had Grouvee swag! I want some Grouvee gear, a nice t-shirt… maybe a hoodie. nudges Peter

A beanie covered in sequins… so it’s disco ball-y. :grin:

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The giveaways are mostly going to be games. If I can get a manufacturer to give me a console, I’ll give it away :smile:

I’ve thought about designing a t-shirt and offering it as an incentive for Grouvee Gold. I think that would make it more enticing for sure.

I’m almost afraid to ask @Jess to help me out with that for fear of what shiny thing she’ll come up with :wink:

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