Grouvee Gardening

As much as we love to mythologize those with thriving fiddle leaf figs as gifted by God with gardening skills points, no one is born with a green thumb. How can we get better at this important skill unless we communicate with those who have reaped AND sowed?

So come here, post some photos of your plantos, ask what over-watering really means, or discuss your plans to do a SIP system (good luck). I know I need help so maybe this can be a space for others to get that same help.


Wow I’d never seen a SIP system before (watering plants from the bottom instead of the top). It looks like a really neat way of encouraging good root growth and stability as roots chase the water.

I love following sustainable garden pages on Facebook (the only thing that app is good for) and I recently saw a cool homemade drip feed where you put a needle type device into a water bottle so that it slowly drop feeds your plants whilst you’re on holiday or something. Love DIY stuff like that.

And out of curiosity has anyone tried the no-dig method themselves yet? My gardening is mostly restricted to work time but I’m looking to get back into my own gardening soon although left the clearance a bit later this year as it’s bird nesting season already now. Oops.


Also wanted to share some of my photos of plants. Wild flowers in particular have fascinated me for as long as I can remember and it’s almost exclusively what I’ve taken photos of the past decade. But I’ve never really talked about it much or shared them apart from on my main photo account.

This is one of my favourite flowers I see in the meadows. It comes out in large numbers and creates bumpy carpets of creamy white. Interesting beetles like the red soldier beetle love crawling over the umbel flower heads too! Anthriscus sylvestris

This is another really common wildflower taken again in the meadow which many consider a “weed” but I think it’s beautiful. Bellis perennis

Forget-me-nots have always been my mum’s favourite flower and thus one of my favourite flowers too. Although there are some really pretty colour variations in the wild including some with a purple hue, I did heavily edit this one to be more purple as a stylistic choice. Myosotis scorpioides


These are really beautiful. Good work!


My mom loves growing tomatoes and peppers. Mabey I will post some pics if I am able to in this forum.

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