GrouvCast Episode 6

Episode 6 is live! It’s a really good episode this week.

@spigelwii, @Jess, and AJ have a new feature this week for you. They end the show with a game of 20 questions that’s a lot of fun.

Let us know what you think of the 20 questions feature too. It’s towards the end of the show, but I thought it was a lot of fun.

Send @spigelwii your game suggestions for the next 20 questions!

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I was in this!

Also, I actually looked into whether someone actually crammed an Oculus inside of a Virtual Boy. Apparently, it hasn’t been done yet. Either that or it’s on page 2 of Google search. Anyways, what I did manage to find was that someone did the complete opposite of what we were talking about and put Virtual Boy inside of the Rift instead. Well, an emulator, but still.