Grouvcast Episode 5, Firewatch edition is out!

This episode is heavy on Firewatch spoilers. You’ve been warned!



Tell us about your Firewatch experience below!

I laughed out loud on the train when you said you call him Harry. People gave me odd stares. But he’ll forever be Harry to me, for the exact same reasons.

P.S. I definitely think you now need to play Gone Home.

On the topic of the story [Spoiler]I do think Delilah is an unreliable companion, which I read entirely as related to her need to cover the fact that she let Ned stay. I found the walker-talkie thing less fishy however, because different model and style walkies cover different frequency bands. I do think that Delilah realized that Ned was listening to them and gave Henry another model walkie that included a band not on the orignal. I read the whole discussion of it being tapped as Delilah trying to very simply explain to Henry that one band and range of sequences were compromised.

On Dave and Ron: oh yeah, totally. Those notes are a great side story[/spoiler]