GrouvCast Episode 4, 6/22/2015

A new podcast has appeared this week!

If you’ve been listening to the new version of the show, let us know what you think.

I’ve hesitated to comment on these even though you have been asking for thoughts. I have a couple of podcasts, and I know that it is hard to do consistently and find a unique voice.

I listened to a couple of the episodes before the reboot and parts of a couple of the new episodes. I am not writing any of this to be mean or to cut down the people involved. There have been some great moments, and I think that there could be a podcast where I would listen to the hosts regularly. However, to me, the show feels like it is lacking an overall direction, and each episode feels like there is no solid format or outline. It makes it feel like the show is aimless, and therefore becomes hard to connect with.

I think the show needs a vision of what it is, and a format that prepares both the audience and hosts for the episode and its content. If they do not play a lot of games right now, then come up with a concept like each episode talking about a larger topic (i.e. favorite RPGs, best music in games, most intense multiplayer experience, best rare video game find). Have that as a segment and then maybe come up with a couple of other small ones. There are a lot of great video game podcasts covering current games and gaming news, so those might not be the best options to talk about. Also, do not feel like the episodes need to be long. Sometimes shorter podcasts are great. The hosts can say what they need to, and it leaves to audience aching for more.

I hope none of that came off as mean spirited. I wanted to be constructive. I applaud anyone who puts themselves out there to create something like the GrouvCast. It is a tough space to live in.

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I feel like we’ve struggled with that since the beginning. Originally this was supposed to be a “book club” type podcast, but that just didn’t really work. I think the newer people on it have some good ideas, and I think will help move it in the direction it needs to go. I personally like everyone on it because they make me want to get back on and talk to them. I don’t know if it would be fun to hear a 20 minute podcast of me talking about my weekly old school JRPG adventures though.

I appreciate this feedback a ton.

When I was writing up my thoughts, something like this had crossed my mind as an option for the hook of the show. Picking a game from the vast option of games on Grouvee, playing it for at least X amount of time and then talking about it on the show would be fun. Then the next game can be announced so the audience can play if they choose and provide comments before the next episode is recorded. Of course, that means the hosts would have to commit to actually playing those games between each show.

There are lots of possibilities for the format of a game central podcast. The key is to pick one and use that to design the show around. Then keep that consistent from week to week.