Grouvcast Episode 002 is out!

This is the best episode 2 we’ve ever done! No cat games this week, but we do talk about RE7, Fallout 4, Event[0], and some more stuff.

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Well that’s timely. I finally bought Fallout 4 this week :wink:

Well, be careful. @Jess spoils some stuff :slight_smile:

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Ehhhh, I was pretty careful. Only spoilers if you purposefully avoided any information about the game. I even avoided saying the name of the third faction in the game just because I saw that as a bit more of a spoiler. :laughing: If you play the game for a couple hours, likely no spoilers at all.

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Oh, I don’t really care about or mind spoilers. I come from a media studies background, where everything is “spoiled” in one way or another via discourse, analysis, review, critique, etc. I am the type of person that considers the interaction with media to be one of, if not the main, crucial element of experiencing and enjoying that media. Spoiling an ending, or a twist, doesn’t generally harm my enjoyment of a book, game, film, etc. So I say spoil away Jess, I won’t be bothered :wink:

P.S. Speaking of escape rooms:

Spoiler: Interplay died. Bethesda ruins everything.

I havent played fallout 4 yet (i can fast forward through some of it maybe.) Thanks for doing another episode i did enjoy listening to the one last week. So when you going to beat nuclear throne? I was hoping I could pull that off this week!

This might be interesting as a supplemental to your discussion of AI in Event 0, @Jess:

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Peter’s Walkthrough (contains spoilers):

Go to dark room.
Look at shelf.
Open Shelf. (Find Crap)
Take the Crap
Go North (to Light Room)
Drop the Crap
Go South (to Dark Room)
Look at shelf.
Open Shelf (Find More Crap.)
Take More Crap
Go North (to Light Room.)
Listen. (To Get Secret Hint from developers!)
take Secret Hint.
Use Secret Hint.
:credits roll:

…I never would have figured that out! :smiley: GOTY. Bought 5 keys for friends. Wonder who will win first.

Enemies would scale with the player in Fallout 3, yes. But it’s more or less like the way the items work I think iirc, with them being tiered in lists (like item loot lists, loot works this way based on chest rarity. some chests they arbirtraily chose to associate as ‘rare’ and they often contained stuff like drugs iirc) Category:Leveled Lists - GECK and there are often ‘jumps’ in the tier. I also dont think it worked so smoothly or balanced. New Vegas it didnt do this as much (it was more area defined anyway) and in some places didnt do it at all, that’s why you couldnt beeline straight to vegas. and it was easy to get stuck in places if you veered off the main paths… However, they also had the harder enemeies in certain places that enhanced this feeling. (it’s also a reason i think a lot of people didnt like it as much, i personally spent more time with it/liked it more and thought it was a big improvement even with off the shelf ‘vanilla’ settings)

Good show guys i look forward to next week.

Just wanted to stop by and say I’m glad the podcast is back up! :slight_smile:
I liked listening to you guys. :+1:

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