GOG Galaxy

Hi, I’ve installed the new GOG Galaxy and think it is pretty helpful when you deal with a huge backlog of digital games on pc.You can import all accounts as well as import retail games with the excepetion of Battle.net

After importing Galaxy presents the last games you played, number of games, achievements, playtime and the last added games

All games shows everything you own digital with playtime, achievements rate, and the service the games are on. When you finished a game you can rate it and add it to the hide game section

Every game has some artwork, your latest achievements, your playtime and the average time/achievements reached

Everything works like a launcher, the other clients will still start as you launch a game, of course.
That’s all, have a nice sunday


I managed to get into the beta access… I love it. When games started going to EPIC is annoyed me bc I like convenience, but understood the good that comes from Steam gettin’ competition. GOG Galaxy 2.0 has made me shift to GOG as main platform, and I no longer care about where the game is located haha.

One cool thing is non platform games and the like still have their time tracked internally within the app. Example: Star Citizen is it’s own launcher but you can still see your time played and those who have also added it to GOG Galaxy.

Another cool thing with the platforms is the recent update that has allowed GOG to automatically close the launcher once you finish playing the game (optional)


Yep, I saw it as I started a manually added game. You can even install games from other platforms through Galaxy (Steam opens in system tray). Really Impressive

One thing I’m waiting for from the client is support for controllers and possible a Big Picture-like interface. I treat my main PC like a super-powered console so most of my library is controller compatible stuff. Currently using Launchbox’s BigBox mode for this purpose but if Galaxy 2.0 can get that support in and do scraping better than either Launchbox or Playnite, I’ll give it a shot.

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I’ve checked the earlier version some years ago and has still been on the fence. But now that you’ve brought it up again, I see many improvements of tracking and convenience has been made for me to put my total sum of game collection in one place.

As of now, I indulge myself in organizing the libraries together and even ranking the played games. I’ll give Galaxy a run for the nearest weeks and see how the habits change.


I think these programs serve different purposes. Galaxy makes it easy to organize your digital games collection, while Big Picture Mode gives you that console feeling and let you change your controller setup.

The onne thing that really disappointed me was that their PS store import doesn’t seem to cover Vita. I really wanted a convenient place to check my Vita info (because PS Store sucks for that); I don’t have a PS4 so almost all my PS gaming is exclusively Vita. (╯︵╰,)
Other than that, I’m liking how Galaxy is turning out so far!