GigaDeath's 2020 Challenge

Heh. Starting out my challenge with half-time update as I did not realize I didn’t make a formal post-enty for this year. :stuck_out_tongue: My Grouvee Challenge 2020 this year is based off the previous one from 2019 (it’s attached to this sheet) and this years new template. In addition to the slots of those two I’ve also added steam tags (left) and platforms (right). I started out the year slating things to certain categories picking initial candidates based on the Grouvee Top 250 (and Horrible Hundred) in addition to my backlog and ‘high priority’ wish list. Things like this i’ve made worth an extra ‘point’ so hopefully they’ll get played sooner. I also have a progressive goal of working towards playing ten decent games per platform (Top 10: N64) and being able to feel some satisfaction and pride in presenting that list to others.

  • I’m working less this year and don’t have other distractions so I’m really on a roll so far with 36 Completions already (For comparison i completed a whopping 50 last year, I wonder if i can break 100 and become a Demon Prince! :smiling_imp:
  • Several of my games from last year (which I installed but didnt actually play) are still on the Now Playing Shelf in my launchbox.
  • A new MAME release came out around Christmas and that got me started on learning about that and so now i know how to play stuff i didn’t (Ex. Die Hard Arcade) It’s definitely dictating my selection. I’ve enjoyed a lot of fantastic Arcade Shooting games/SHMUPS such as Dogyuun, Cabal, After Burner II
  • I have a lot of new platforms available this year. I’m really enjoying CD games (SEGA CD, Dreamcast, PS2, Gamecube, Wii) Many which are Light Gun games that i’m playing with a wiimote on my Pc connected to the Mayflash Dolphin sensor bar. (I totally recommend checking that out and reading a guide if it’s your thing!)
  • I’ve been playing a few games this year i’ve already played in the past because I’ve been playing them for the achievement sets on RetroAchievements for stuff that looks fun because of it. (This includes romhacks)
  • After playing a lot of endless/online stuff last year and getting saddled with some very lackluster long games (like No Man’s Sky and Hellgate which i gave way too much time to) I’m not playing any endless/online games right now and mostly focusing on games that I anticipate to be short from HLTB or reddit suggests are under ~8 hours. I’m limiting myself to 1 longer/ongoing game at a time Such as Yakuza 0. I am however on occasion just picking up and playing random old stuff from 8 bit eras, some played and some not and wasting 30 mins with it before dinner and whatnot. Darkula, Kung Fu, Wrecking Crew, Girl’s Garden and random pinball games (I have a bunch of those)

I’m hoping to play some more RPG type stuff in the other half of the year and i’m looking at Probably another Dragon Slayery JARPy type Falcom game, early open world era wonder’s (the oriiginal King’s Field) and maybe a zelda or two. Skyward Sword is working and kinda tempting me even though I haven’t finished Oracle of Ages (yet)