GigaDeath's 2019 Challenge Post

about half my list is the stuff from last years challenge list at [MVGL] I didnt complete ( | Track Your Video Games!)
most of the rest of it is just stuff i shoehorned into a sloppy but pragmatic ‘now playing’ playlist I have in Launchbox.LaunchBox_2019-01-30_02-05-35|690x371


Half Time Update: Yo Grouvee Forum 2019 Challengers. I am going through my list. (But very slowly.) Mostly I’m stuck on No Man’s Sky, and almost finished with it I think/hope (PRAY!). Really ready to get that one done. I had actually picked up and started out the year with a few rather long ones and some endless ones. Some of these I will keep playing (Dream Girlfriend) and some things I might just drop (Hellgate London Hellgate Tokyo?. I’ve also deviated and wound up playing other things not on the list. (I was playing various Doom and Half-Life mods earlier this year that I had listed or accumulated and made entries for in my LaunchBox.) On the topic of LB, I also made a 2019 Playlist in my LB so I can see things to click on and decide easily. LB is prob the best software I ever bought tbh. I don’t have many playlists going yet (I have started to mirror two of my Grouvee custom Shelves on it through the LB playlist system: Replay Value / Replay Value Multiplayer, but otherwise have ‘hacked’ the program into using the STATUS field to mirror all the default Grouvee shelves. LB’s Playlist system is great for the 2019 Challenge or other things like it and I don’t look at that spreadsheet I originally made when picking what to play. I just used the categories to create a draft at beginning of the year and grabbing and plugging many of them into my LB playlist. Here is what it looks like:

I started to play games with an online group of sorts and we currently play Neverwinter Nights weekly. I’m chipping away at Fire ''N Ice a fun little puzzle game I pick up and play when i’m in the mood for puzzles (rarely tbh) but other than that haven’t touched emulation despite having a lot of ‘one night stand’ type titles on my challenges. I hope to clear out most of the old retro titles by the end of the year (Always a constant goal.) and finish up Tiberian Sun Nod Campaign, Tiberian Sun Firestorm Add On, and Tiberian Sun Twisted Insurrection Mods I’ve slated for 2019.

I actually have some ‘abandonment commitments/hopes’ for 2019 (This topic is worth a thread maybe):

  • I hope I can commit to not picking up hellgate again. It’s long as hell and lackluster as everything.
  • I hope I commit to accept that Krusty’s Super Fun House is okay to abandon and don’t fire up Retroarch to pick it up again to slog through a very hectic final quarter of it knowing I can do that with the password system!
  • I hope I can commit to chipping away at stuff and not sink too much time into Warframe I’m already playing Hearthstone quite " regularly "

2019 was a very good year of gaming for me and completing various games through the Grouvee Challenge. In the end I did not complete actual sections but just went to slot everything I could and in the end it resulted in a lot of games getting played of all stripes and calibers as i sifted through random crap to assign them. (It was 50 freaking games and that’s not even counting the ones I’ve abandoned or played before. Pretty noice)

I really like the idea of challenge and tailoring playlists around it and so I thought about the results for last year I had. and in reading some of the propositions and trying to pitch ideas for the 2020 one decided to do my own challenge and have created a new tab in my spreadsheet. I’ve assigned what I didnt complete from last year to it. Its just a long list of tags from steam databases so i can both assign topics easily to slots in addition to finding things for those slots. I also have a section delegated to just about every gaming platform you’ve heard of, (because I want to make an effort to explore them before i die) Finally, I’ve decided to award more points for backlog and Grouvee top 250 and bottom 100 (which i’m calling the Horrible Hundred) since you know, these games should take preference. I think that this will actually work very very well for me in both getting the games played I feel I really should and exploring. Some concerns I have are:

Avoiding genres or ‘heavily weighted’ tags
exploring familiar territory.

Generally speaking I try to assign a game to the tag that clearly describes the game the best. That worked fairly well last year but with so many tags I think it will be even easier this year.