Gaming Peripherals

Let’s talk about gaming peripherals!

I’d like to know your insights on which brand/model do you trust on a specific hardware. It would be great if you could post some pictures and share a little more about it.

This could be a guide for us in buying as well. :slight_smile:

I don’t have a lot to contribute here because I essentially just use the peripherals that are specific to the system I am using (DualShock for PS, Xbox controller or KBM for PC, Nintendo controllers for Nintendo consoles, etc.). However I do want to share the wonder that is the Microsoft Adaptive Controller. It is truly a wonderful thing. Even the packaging is a thing of genius.


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For my consoles, it’s all first party stuff as far as peripherals go (Sony for PS4, Microsoft for Xbox 360 and Xbox One, Nintendo for Switch and Wii U).

For PC, I’m using Xbox One controllers but mostly my Xbox One Elite controller. I usually don’t like heavy controllers but I like the weight on this one. I’ll need to invest in ReWASD soon in order to use the controller with some games that don’t natively support gamepads.

For a keyboard, I’ve got the Corsair Gaming K70 RGB with Cherry MX Brown switches. I type a ton but I also want to train myself to go keyboard/mouse so it feels like the best of both worlds.

For a mouse, the Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB Optical. I got a copy of Guild Wars 2 I barely play but the number pad on the side will come in handy if I ever get back in and want to bind hotkey actions there.

I’ll try to get up pics for these things when I have time.